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Phone: (213) 373-5061

You are the center of your brand and business. But you are feeling overwhelmed because your marketing tactics have backfired, turning off prospects before you even speak with them–without even realizing it.

A strong brand is a vehicle to shape awareness and influence decision-makers. Branded photography and videos used within your marketing plan are the most effective way to authentically show your brand story and portray your own unique personality to your audience. It can help you showcase your strengths, build credibility, and stand out from the competition.

By creating strong, unique visual content, you can make your business easily identifiable and different to everyone else out there. Your branded visual content can set you apart from your competition before your clients have even worked with you.

Branding and Marketing involves influencing the way potential customers visually see you and view your products or services, which is why strong visual content through photography and video that supports your brand story and marketing plan can have such a massive impact.

Having spent a number of years in the U.S. Army Medical Corps, I have a passion for service. I am ready to serve you and create visual branding that separates you from your competition.

Are you ready to effectively use branded photography and videos to come across as exciting, engaging, and different from the rest of your competition? Are you ready to increase your marketing ROI?


Partial Client List -

L'Oreal Cosmetics | MAC | Sephora | Budweiser | Banana Republic | J. Crew

Good Fellow | Particle | Bellini | Sashka Co. | Emperia Caviar | Dr. Susan Evan Skin Care

Paula Abdul | Eric Roberts | Amanda Fuller | Nikki De Loach | Brian White | Lisaraye McCoy

Jesse Williams | A.J. Cook | Joe Mantegna | Bonnie Hunt | Christian Serratos | Drake Bell

Kelly Stables | Sophia Banks | Brian McKnight | Stephanie Leigh Schlund | Lisa Vidal Amy Paffrath |



Additional clients are Fortune 500 companies, large, medium, and small businesses in California and the USA.

Are You ready to separate yourself and your business from your competitors?

Los Angeles Commercial, Advertising, Branding Photography and Videos | Renee Farias Photographer
Los Angeles Commercial, Advertising, Branding Photography and Videos | Renee Farias Photographer
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