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Visual Branding
Case Studies

Ashley Blackmer

Background – In the realm of real estate photography, Ashley Blackmer's talent shines brightly. Formerly based in Los Angeles, Ashley made the strategic decision to relocate to Las Vegas, primed and ready to conquer a fresh market. However, she recognized the pivotal importance of enhancing her digital footprint to thrive in her new environment.


Treatment – Upon assessing Ashley's business landscape and client demographics, we embarked on a comprehensive strategy to bolster her online presence. The prescription? A revamped website boasting robust SEO tactics and an infusion of captivating personal branding imagery and videos.


Solution – The culmination of this collaboration resulted in a visually striking website fortified with a potent SEO strategy. Every pixel is meticulously crafted to not only showcase Ashley's exceptional skills but also to magnetize potential clients in the vast digital expanse. Furthermore, a meticulous rebranding effort was undertaken, curating a gallery of images portraying Ashley as the charismatic face of ABP (Ashley Blackmer Photography). These visuals serve not only as a centerpiece for her website but also as invaluable assets for future marketing campaigns.


And let's not forget the pièce de résistance – the video narrative. Crafted with finesse, it weaves together Ashley's story, passion, and commitment to excellence, offering viewers an intimate glimpse into the essence of ABP.


But the journey doesn't end there. Looking ahead, Renee Farias Agency is poised to collaborate closely with ABP, devising a content marketing strategy that strikes the perfect balance between informative insights and captivating storytelling.


Commercial, Advertising, Branding Photographer and Video Producer in Los Angeles Renee Farias.

Client Review - "It was hands down the best decision I could have made! Renee and his team didn't just build a website; they crafted a digital masterpiece that perfectly encapsulated my brand identity and resonated with my target audience. 


What sets Renee apart is his deep understanding of both the visual appeal and the psychological aspects of website design. Every element of my website, from the layout to the color scheme, was meticulously thought out to ensure maximum impact and user engagement." – Google Review

Sean Caughron


Background – Meet Sean Caughron, the dynamic force behind a new venture that kicked off in January 2024 as a Vistage Chair. His mission? To mold and nurture the next generation of business leaders right in Ventura County, CA.


Treatment – We rolled up our sleeves and plunged headfirst into the marketing jungle armed with our trusty SWOT analysis. And boy, did we unearth some gems! Turns out, Sean's digital presence was in dire need of a little TLC. So, what did we do? We brought out the big guns: top-notch photography, videos that demand attention, a website so sleek you can't help but click around, and SEO tactics that would make Google proud.

Solution - We didn’t just stop at surface-level changes. We cooked up a custom-made package that waved its magic wand and transformed Sean's brand identity from "meh" to "heck yeah!" Picture this: visuals (photos, videos, logo, etc.) that pop, a website smoother than butter, and an overall vibe that screams "Business genius at your service."


Renee Farias creates branded photos, videos and websites in Los Angeles.

Client Review - "I’m a business coach and a CEO peer group Chair. My message is very specific and very “me” and with all that Renee and the team were great listeners and did an excellent job supporting my voice and message. The team translated what I could only envision into content. They work with myself and associates like they are part of my tribe." – Google Review

Technolene Inc.


Background - Technolene Inc., a frontrunner in managed IT services, recognized the imperative need to rejuvenate its digital footprint. Seeking a holistic rebranding approach, they turned to us, aiming to magnify their visual narrative for maximum captivation and conversion. 


Technolene's website fell short of delivering the visual impact required to mirror its extensive expertise and authoritative standing in the industry. 


Treatment - Embarking on a thorough analysis, we pinpointed crucial areas in need of enhancement. Professional photography, captivating video content, intuitive web design, and robust SEO strategies emerged as the focal points for elevating Technolene's digital presence. 

Solution - We meticulously curated a comprehensive package that underwent a metamorphosis of Technolene's brand identity. From arresting imagery to a seamlessly user-friendly website, we equipped them with the tools necessary to showcase their IT prowess and instigate heightened client engagement. 


Renee Farias creates branded photos, videos and websites in Los Angeles.

Client Review - "Renee Farias is a godsend. He and his team have provided me with ongoing support as we rebranded my business. He's detail-oriented and goes above and beyond in many ways. I trust him to always do the right thing and provide wise counsel." – Google Review

Grosslight Insurance


Background - Grosslight, a partner of PCF Insurance Services, a big player in the consultancy and brokerage game, was gearing up for a website revamp. They realized they needed to spruce up their online presence with some fresh headshots of their 30+ team members. But, ah, there was a hitch – Covid was still lurking around like an uninvited guest at a party.


Treatment - Now, here’s where the plot thickens. After some brainstorming sessions with Grosslight’s in-house marketing squad, we hatched a plan. We figured the best way to tackle this headshot hurdle was to bring the show to SoCal, where some of their employees were working remotely. Three days, my studio in Chinatown Los Angeles, and 28 eager faces ready to shine for the camera – that was the game plan.

Solution - But hold your horses, we weren’t about to throw caution to the wind. Oh no, sir! We were all about keeping things Covid-compliant. Masks on, social distancing in place – safety first, folks.


So, what’s the endgame? Well, over those three action-packed days, we snapped headshots galore, making sure every employee got their moment in the spotlight. Talk about a whirlwind of smiles, poses, and maybe a few nervous laughs thrown in for good measure. But hey, mission accomplished – Grosslight got their snazzy new headshots, and we kept Covid at bay. Win-win, if you ask me!


Corporate Branding and Headshot Photography in Los Angeles | Renee Farias

Client Review - "My company hired Renee to do all of our employees updated headshots for our new company website and we were very pleased with not only how the images turned out, but most importantly how easy Renee was to deal with. He was extremely accommodating to some of our scheduling needs as we had about 30 employees from all over LA, Orange and Riverside counties that needed to be coordinated to come to his studio. It was a great location that was easy to find and made it easy to get everyone in and out quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend and we will continue to use him for all of our photo needs for the company going forward." – Google Review

Care Fast Urgent Care


Background - Alright, let's dive into the story of Care Fast Urgent Care, a bustling medical oasis in sunny Burbank, California. These folks are the go-to heroes for all those pesky but non-life-threatening ailments and injuries that love to throw a wrench in our daily grind.

So, here's the scoop: Care Fast was gearing up for a website makeover and realized they needed more than just fancy fonts and flashy colors. They needed the real deal – photos that showcased their awesome team in action and gave patients a sneak peek into their top-notch facilities.


Treatment - Enter Renee Farias and team. When we teamed up with the Care Fast crew and their web developer, it was like a match made in digital heaven. We quickly got the memo: they needed staff photos, lifestyle shots to capture the essence of their work environment, and facility photos to make their space shine.

But hold onto your hats, because we uncovered something unexpected during our chat with the Care Fast crew. It turns out, patients were having a bit of trouble finding their way around the parking lot. Enter: the drone video. Yep, you heard that right. We took to the skies to give everyone a bird’s-eye view of the building and parking area, right there on the homepage.

Solution - So, what’s the grand finale? Well, we whipped up a visual feast for the eyes – facility snapshots, employee portraits, and lifestyle images that practically scream “We’re here to help!” And let’s not forget that show-stopping drone video, guiding patients straight to the front door without breaking a sweat. Care Fast got the website upgrade they deserved, and we got to flex our creative muscles. Now that’s what I call a win-win!


Corporate Branding and Headshot Photography in Los Angeles | Renee Farias

Client Review - "One of the best decisions we made for our business was to hire Renee and his company for our business photo needs. The quality of his work and his service was outstanding, not to mention his balance of professionalism and friendly personality. It was great working with Renee and would definitely recommend him for all corporate and business photography needs. Renee is always willing to offer advice and connect you with the right people as well." – Google Review

Gently Guided


Background -  Nestled in the vibrant streets of Pasadena, California, Gently Guided shines as a beacon of support for families navigating the intricate journey of senior living placement. Their mission? To provide compassionate concierge consulting, guiding loved ones towards safe and tranquil living environments for their elders. Picture a team of dedicated advocates, ready to ease the burden and bring peace of mind to those in need.

When the marketing and communications director of Gently Guided reached out, excitement filled the air. A new website was on the horizon, and they knew it was time to breathe fresh life into their visual storytelling.

Treatment - As we huddled together to discuss the vision, it became clear that Gently Guided needed more than just words on a page. They craved imagery that would speak volumes – lifestyle photos to showcase the team's dedication and warmth, and captivating videos to paint a vivid picture of their mission.

With hearts full of inspiration, we set out to capture the essence of Gently Guided in every frame. From the tender moments shared between staff and residents to the reassuring smiles that lit up the room, every detail was meticulously crafted to resonate with their audience.

Solution - With our mission set, we dove headfirst into a whirlwind of creativity, all packed into one glorious session day. From capturing the team in their element to crafting captivating videos that pulled heartstrings and painted pictures of possibility, we left no stone unturned.

And just like that, Gently Guided was armed with a treasure trove of visual delights, ready to take their website – and their mission – to dazzling new heights. Talk about a day well spent!


Los Angeles Personal Branding Photographer

Client Review - "I am the owner of Gently Guided, a personalized referral service for senior living options. Renee was referred to us by a trusted professional and we hired him to do the photography and video for Gently Guided's updated website. I chose the premium package that included make-up and wardrobe. On the day of the shoot, the team arrived on time and ready for action. Everyone on his team made the day so easy and our photos and videos turned out beautiful and so professional. It will always be a memorable day that captured the essence of Gently Guided. Thank you Renee, we truly appreciate you and your team!" – Google Review

Process CleanUp


Background - Picture this: a world where chaos reigns supreme in the realm of business processes. But fear not, for Process CleanUp strides onto the scene, armed with a mission to simplify, streamline, and supercharge operations for businesses far and wide. Led by the visionary Bruce Carnohan, this team is on a quest to prove that any process can be cleaned up and revamped for a brighter, breezier tomorrow.

As the gears turned toward a shiny new website, Bruce knew it was time to spruce up their visual game. The old images just didn't cut it anymore – they needed visuals that shouted "team spirit" and captured the essence of their Simpler, Faster, Better mantra.


Treatment - Cue the brainstorming session with Mr. Carnohan himself. We delved deep into the heart of Process CleanUp, uncovering the magic that happens behind the scenes. It wasn't just about pretty pictures – it was about showcasing the team in action, huddled together in brainstorming sessions, and working in perfect harmony towards a common goal.

Solution - Armed with this insight, we set out to create a visual narrative that would leap off the screen and into the hearts of visitors. From dynamic team meetings to moments of shared triumph, we wove together a tapestry of lifestyle images that breathed life into Process CleanUp's brand story.

And voila! With our photos adorning their new website, Process CleanUp now has the visual firepower to match their transformative message. Here's to simpler, faster, better operations – one click at a time!


Corporate Branding and Headshot Photography in Los Angeles | Renee Farias

Client Review - "Renee and his team did an excellent job in the pre-planning, execution, and delivery of the goals for our Visual Branding Shoot at Carnohan Process Solutions, Aka."

Google Review

Venn Negotiation


Background - Imagine a world where every conversation holds the potential for transformation – where negotiation isn't just a skill, but a superpower. That's the world Christine McKay inhabits, a seasoned Business Negotiation Strategist with a knack for turning small talk into big wins. With her book "Why Not Ask? A Conversation About Getting More" making waves and her expertise sought after by Fortune 500 companies, Christine is a force to be reckoned with.

Enter Renee Farias and team, stage right. Christine, in her quest to elevate her brand to new heights, enlisted our help to sprinkle some visual magic on her marketing efforts. The challenge? To capture the essence of her dynamic persona and the intrigue of her expertise in a series of captivating images.


Treatment - As we sat down with Christine to brainstorm ideas, it became clear that what she needed went beyond mere headshots. She craved images that would speak volumes about her brand – lifestyle portraits that would pique curiosity and draw viewers into her world of negotiation prowess.

Solution - With Christine's vision in mind, we set to work crafting a collection of lifestyle portraits that would weave her brand story into every pixel. Each image was carefully curated to evoke intrigue and engagement, drawing viewers deeper into Christine's world of negotiation mastery.

But wait, there's more! We didn't stop at lifestyle portraits. Oh no, we also gave Christine a fresh set of corporate headshots, perfectly aligned with her branding scheme and color palette.

And just like that, Christine McKay's visual journey was complete. With her new arsenal of captivating images, she's ready to conquer new horizons and inspire audiences far and wide.


Renee Farias Photographer produces commercial, advertising, corporate and personal branding photography and videos in Los Angeles. Corporate Headshot Photographer Los Angeles near me.

Client Review - "Renee was amazing at easing my nervousness and capturing amazing photos! Everyone, including me, loves them!! I'll definitely be using Renee's services again!" – Google Review

Gracie Ruth - LinkedIn Specialist


Background - Let me introduce you to Ms. Ruth, the LinkedIn Marketing Specialist extraordinaire. With a passion for crafting killer profiles that attract inbound engagement, she's the secret weapon for professionals looking to make waves on the world's largest professional networking platform.

Now, picture this: Ms. Ruth, on a mission to revamp her online presence, sets her sights on her website and social media accounts. But there's a twist – she's not just looking for any old headshots. No, she wants branded headshots that'll leap off the screen and into the hearts of her audience.


Treatment - As we sat down with Ms. Ruth to dive into the heart of her vision, a spark ignited. We realized that to truly capture the essence of her brand, we needed more than just static headshots. We needed images that would beckon viewers to take action, engage with her content, and ultimately, to fill out that all-important online form.

Solution - With Ms. Ruth's goals in mind, we set out to create a series of branding lifestyle images that would do more than just look pretty – they'd tell an active, vibrant story of Ms. Ruth in action. Each image was carefully curated to inspire engagement, inviting viewers to not just scroll past but to stop, linger, and take that next step toward a consultation.

And there you have it – a collection of branding lifestyle images that not only showcase Ms. Ruth's expertise but also beckon viewers to take the next step. With her new visual arsenal, Ms. Ruth is ready to conquer the world of LinkedIn, one click at a time.


Corporate Branding and Headshot Photography in Los Angeles | Renee Farias

Client Review - "Renee Farias is an incredibly talented photographer. I had the pleasure of having him as the official photographer of the #LinkedInLocal Pasadena event back in February 2020. He has captured perfectly some of the top moments of the event. He has a great eye to capture the exact emotions. Renee defines professionalism and competence. His work product is extraordinary. He's easy to work with, fun to work with, and the final product that far exceeded my expectations. I would encourage anyone looking for professional shots to reach out to Renee and his team. I know they will be beyond pleased."

Google Review

Tax Relief Pros


Background - Step into the world of Attorney Montserrat Araujo, where tax matters are more than just numbers – they're stories waiting to be told. With a dedicated team by her side, Montserrat is on a mission to navigate the complexities of tax law and provide her clients with peace of mind.


Treatment - When Montserrat decided it was time to revamp her website and elevate her brand, she knew she needed more than just words on a page. Cue our entrance! After sitting down with Montserrat and her crack marketing team, the vision became clear: they needed visuals that would not only showcase the expertise of the team but also breathe life into their brand story.

Solution - With our marching orders in hand, we set out to work our magic. From capturing individual and group headshots to crafting dynamic lifestyle images that breathed life into their brand, we left no stone unturned. But we didn't stop there – oh no! We also rolled up our sleeves and produced not one, not two, but five videos that captured the essence of Attorney Araujo's firm, from corporate showcases to gripping case studies.

And as the icing on the cake, we rolled out not one, not two, but five videos. From corporate showcases to insightful case studies, each video served as a window into the world of Montserrat Araujo and her team.

With our visual content in hand, Montserrat's website got the makeover it deserved, and her brand story reached new heights. Here's to a legacy of excellence – one click at a time!


Renee Farias Photographer produces commercial, advertising, corporate and personal branding photography and videos in Los Angeles. Corporate Headshot Photographer Los Angeles near me.

Client Review - "Renee and his entire team were consummate professionals. The money we spent on having him scout the venue, makeup and hair artist, as well as take all the photos he did, was well worth it. He created a polished and flawless look that truly represents the essence of my practice and team. Can’t recommend him enough!"- Google Review

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