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Business Headshots in Los Angeles, CA

What Makes A Good LinkedIn Business Headshot | Portrait?

LinkedIn was established as a professional online networking group helping you broaden your potential client base. LinkedIn is similar to Facebook in its architecture, and just as Facebook has a “stream of consciousness” way of presenting content, so does LinkedIn. The main difference is that Facebook is a place of social networking, whereas LinkedIn is a place of business networking.

The most important aspect of LinkedIn is your biography. This is your opening opportunity to make a first and lasting impression. This will help you establish your own career or your brand success. Creating a competitive LinkedIn profile is crucial for that success. Your LinkedIn profile represents you as an individual, company or brand.

One of the things that will certainly set you apart from everyone else is your LinkedIn profile headshot. You might think that your profile picture doesn’t do much or matter however you need to change that perspective now! Your LinkedIn headshot is one of the first areas your potential clients will encounter and making an impactful impression by having professional corporate headshots in Los Angeles, CA will help you stand out from the crowd. Your headshot says so much about you and your business.  

As a professional photographer producing CEO and executive profiles for the last 27 years, I thought I would share some first-hand experiences on

“what makes a good LinkedIn business headshot”.

  • Hire a professional photographer. They have intimate knowledge of how to put your best face forward so you get the perfect corporate headshots in Los Angeles CA.

  • Great photos are created and professional photographers who have spent years in the craft understand angles and lighting to create the ultimate inviting photograph.

  • Attire: It is important dress in a manner that is professional with complimentary colors. Reach out to me for a consultation and we can discuss attire further.

  • Makeup: This is critical for men and women alike. Lighting, lenses, and professional cameras can cut right through natural skin and age person. Make up helps the camera see what we see with the naked eye, instead of the microscopic view a professional camera produces.

  • Lighting: A professional photographer will posses the correct skill set in knowing how to manipulate lighting to create a subtly and flattering light. It’s not only about exposure.

  • Time of day: For out door photography, many will state a time of day. Personally, I produce at any time from 8am to 6pm during the spring and summer and 8am to 4pm in the fall and winter. I believe that a professional photographer can create fantastic images in any lighting situation. For indoors, time of day is irrelevant.

  • Attitude: It’s very important to come into your photo session with a good attitude in order to obtain the best smiles. Plenty of rest is huge. They say that the eyes are the gateway to the soul, plenty of rest helps the eyes appear their best. This is very important if you want to get the best business headshots in Los Angeles CA.

Business Headshots in Los Angeles

Investing in your image should be considered a priority just as the logo of your business or name was considered. Investing in your LinkedIn profile will prove to be a positive monetary ROI, therefore do not skimp on your look. You will attract more clients and attain higher levels of success if you establish that trust among your clients.


As cliché as this may sound, people will always judge you on how you look. In this case, your potential clients or potential business partners will notice your profile picture first. It’s crucial to leave them a lasting good and professional impression.

Hiring a professional photographer is your key to getting great LinkedIn business headshots in Los Angeles CA. Your photographer will help bring out your best qualities, and personality that will translate in your business headshot, and ultimate success. Commercial and Residential Real Estate.


To create iconic and inviting corporate headshots in Los Angeles, CA (or in the USA), click here to schedule a consultation.

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