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Fashion and Beauty Photography

Fashion and Beauty Photographer in Los Angeles

What does a fashion photographer do?


Fashion photographers are responsible for overseeing the entire fashion photography production, from makeup, hair styling, apparel, and lighting. The role of a fashion photographer is to ensure the final photograph of the product meets the satisfaction of the publication or client. Fashion photographers have an exemplary eye for design while understanding how to perfectly highlight the perfect features within

a photographic scene.

Overseeing photography assistants and fashion stylists are also a part of a fashion photographer’s job responsibilities. Fashion photographers collaborate with models, hair stylists, fashion stylists, makeup artists, and fashion designers.


It is crucial that fashion photographers have strong interpersonal skills when communicating with various team members on a photo shoot or assignment. The work of a fashion photographer can be strenuous and grueling, as they typically spend hours on their feet producing photographs. Furthermore, a fashion photographer may sit in front of a computer for extended periods of time, editing or touching-up photographs. Depending on the deadlines for a publication or assignment, a fashion photographer may work over-time and throughout a holiday season.

A fashion photographer must understand lighting techniques, composition, camera equipment, visual techniques, and business skills.

Establishing lighting moods or schemes, displaying the proper apparel and accessories, and choosing the model for photo production may be a part of a fashion photographer’s responsibilities. It is imperative that a fashion photographer translates a client’s artistic vision while ensuring the artistic vision comes to fruition in the final photograph. A fashion photographer will understand how to properly utilize camera equipment, lighting, and light metering equipment to ensure a successful photo production session. Furthermore, a fashion photographer may choose the final images that will be submitted to a client for approval. Once the photographs are presented to a client, the client may choose to publish them within their fashion publication or advertising campaign.

As a fashion photographer, I understand emerging fashion trends, photographic trends, and the fashion realm. As a fashion photographer, I am also used to facing many deadlines and a hectic work schedule; therefore, remaining calm under pressure is key. My customers often mentioned my ability to stay calm and keeping things moving forward (see Testimonials). This is key, for a fashion photographer to make sure that the fashion photo session is going smoothly while interacting with models or stylists.

Image by Christian Perner
Fashion and Beauty Photographer in Los Angeles


If you are looking for a Fashion Photographer in Los Angeles (or worldwide), contact me to schedule a time to chat.

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