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Lifestyle Photography

Updated: Jul 13

Hello everyone! Today I thought I’d talk about lifestyle photography and its relationship to product placement. Proper product placement can significantly enhance sales, so if you are a lifestyle or clothing brand in need of some great product placing tips, this blog is for you!

First off, let’s discuss what lifestyle photography entails. The goal of lifestyle photography is to capture the “art of everyday life” and simplistic, realistic moments in an artistic way. When in accordance with product placement, the goal is to showcase the product’s use and impact on everyday life. It is essential that the product be orchestrated in a way that is natural, yet obviously adds value and positivity to the image’s scenario.

The photo should allow a potential customer to envision how this product could enhance his or her own life. The context of the photo should convince them that this product is essential to achieving that “picture-perfect” (no pun intended) feeling. In fact, the context is just as important as the product. The product should not be shown as an object, but an experience.

In order to achieve this, we are going back to the elementary school basics – Who, What, Where, When and How. Ask yourself the following questions:

· Who will be interested in and most likely use the product?

· What other items will be associated with this product? Explore placing other things around your product to create context for it. Potential customers can then figure out its intended use. However, be cautious to not allow these items to outshine or take away from your product.

· Where will this product be used? The shoot should take pace in the object's intended environment.

· When will this product most likely be used? During the day or night? Rain or shine? The time of the shoot should be based off of that.

· How will this product be used?

Putting together a lifestyle shoot can sound overwhelming which is why it is best to hire a professional. The goal here is to sell your product, so meticulousness and quality are critical. Please contact me for a no-obligation consultation and make the first move towards increasing the sales of your product!

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