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The Importance of Beauty Photography

Updated: Jul 12

Listen up cosmetic companies! Beauty photography plays a key role in marketing your brand. While it is best to hire a professional to accurately and beautifully shoot your product, it is important that you are aware of the following guidelines before you book your photographer. These guidelines can even apply to dermatology products such as acne medicine.

Let’s start with the energy of the photograph. Before anything else, there needs to be a great chemistry between the photographer and the model. The model should exude confidence and intimacy that will draw in the viewer and allow them to trust him or her. Once the model is trusted, the product is trusted. The result can be very powerful. This connection, along with proper lighting and framing, will produce that money shot!

Now let’s talk more technical. Because your make-up brand is going to be the primary focus, the images should clearly convey how this product enhances the facial features of the model. Proper lighting will really help accentuate the face. Think of the face as a blank canvas for your product; there shouldn’t be too many other distractions. Here are a few ways to achieve this:


A minimalistic background is best. The main emphasis will be on the face. This could simply mean using a blank wall.


Try and stick to the standard types of framing in order to highlight the cosmetic product. The different types are as follows (Click here for some additional tips on Fstoppers):

  • From top of the shoulders up with a little bit of negative space around the subject's head (face takes up around 40-50% of the frame).

  • Tight closeup from right under the chin up to the forehead (85-95%)

  • Macro closeup of just one facial feature in the frame (usually an eye or lips).


Angles are a crucial part of showing off the product. I’m sure you have heard people mention their “best side” before getting their picture taken. Well, that same mindset applies here. You want to play with various angles and capture the model’s “best side.” This is going to make your product look its best. Angles will help your photo express elegance, gracefulness, etc.


The final images should have just enough (but not too much) retouching. Retouching is like icing on a cake; it is not the most important part but will make the image look that much better. Generally speaking, this means that the model’s skin should look smooth and blemish-free. All frizz and out of place hair should be removed as well.

Commercial and Advertising Photographer in Los Angeles | Renee Farias Photographer

It is important that you take these guidelines into consideration before you book your photographer. That way, you will be fully informed and get the perfect shot that will properly market your brand! For more information and to schedule a consultation, feel free to contact me.

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