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Simple Tips to Help You Get Strategic About Your Personal Branding Shoot

The more prepared you are for your personal branding session, the better your experience will be. It also makes it that much easier for your photographer to deliver on what you want.

As much as personal branding shoots are meant to be fun, and they always are, they’re also designed to help you promote yourself and your business, which is why it helps to take a slightly strategic approach.

The following tips will help.

Define Your Brand Aesthetic

In the end, you want people to recognize your brand without them necessarily having to read any copy. Go into your personal branding shoot with your brand aesthetic in mind. Outfits, props, location, and colors, all play a role in building your brand’s image. To define your brand image, consider who your audience is, who you are, and the things that link you together. What about you would appeal to your audience and how can you incorporate that into your shoot?

Consider Your Content Plan

Aim to create a 6-month content plan before your session. Not only will this relieve the stress of having to find content for posts at the last minute, but you can also decide what photos you will need from your shoot for upcoming content.

Don’t Forget Filler Images

While a personal branding shoot is mostly about you, it’s essential to also plan out a few filler images. These images are ideal for your social media content, website, and any other marketing material you might want to produce in the near future. Plus, you don’t want to post photos of yourself every day – people want variety and an inside look into what you do as well as the products and services you offer.

The Final Touches

Once you know what types of photos you want to create, the rest of the planning process becomes a lot simpler. You will now have an easier time choosing a location, planning your outfits, and setting aside props for your shoot.

Be sure to share your brand aesthetic and content ideas with your photographer for the best results.

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