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Personal Branding Tips to Take Into 2022

Updated: Jul 12

Business is not what it used to be. People want to connect with the faces and personalities behind a website, email address, and brand. Therefore, personal branding is so essential, and it will continue to be well beyond this year.

Building a strong personal brand isn’t always easy though. It takes time, dedication, and consistency, but it’s always worthwhile. Whether you want to build a personal brand this year or strengthen your existing brand, these tips will help.

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Practice Authenticity. Why is it that so many major influencers and entrepreneurs are memorable and stand out? It’s because they’re real and authentic – they let you into their world and who they really are through images and their words. This is also why it helps so much to have a professional personal branding photographer to assist you.

Offer Value. It’s all good and well that you promote your brand, but your fans, followers, and customers still expect value. How do you plan to provide them with enough value to get them to stick around and keep coming back for more? This could be in the form of fun how-to videos, a useful eBook, or freebies with purchases.

Be Consistent. In the end, you want to build trust and customer loyalty, but you can’t do this without being consistent. People trust consistency, which means they are more willing to do business with you over the long term. If you really want to grow your personal brand in 2022, create a marketing plan and calendar, and stick to it.

Get Out There. What better way to promote your personal brand than by introducing it to people in person? Make a point of getting in front of people throughout the year if you want your brand to have a real impact. Attend networking events, find speaking gigs, and always have a business card on hand.

Decide on Your Expertise. While you might be an expert across multiple subjects, it helps to focus on one or two, particularly when promoting yourself. Positioning yourself as a particular kind of expert will give your content more focus and build more trust among potential customers, partners, and employers.

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Don’t Shy Away from Promotion. Even if you do it all right, getting noticed can still be difficult, so don’t be afraid to spend a bit of your budget on online promotions. Social media advertising is highly effective for personal brands, just make sure you have professional, eye-catching visuals that you can use to accompany your copy.

Taking the time to build your personal brand is one of the best ways to elevate your business and career. Start with a plan and stick to it as best you can to see real results throughout the year.

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