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How to Use Quality Content to Monetize Your Personal Brand

Updated: Jul 12

Creating and growing a personal brand takes time and effort. You’ve taken the time to create a professional image and content that will get you noticed. Now, how do you start monetizing your personal brand?

If you have a loyal following and your content has become increasingly popular within your industry, you can use it to monetize your brand. Here’s how:

- Host a Live Streaming Event

With the help of the right software, you can live stream an interview, presentation, class, or webinar for new and existing customers. Live streaming events also give you the opportunity to engage with your viewers, giving you the chance to better understand their needs. The way you would monetize this is to charge for people to tune in. As you can imagine, you would need to host an event that people would want to pay for.

- Create a Video Course

If the idea of going live doesn’t appeal to you, why not create a paid video course? This is an ideal way to package what you know as a thought leader in your sector in an engaging format. You could promote the course on your website and social media platforms as well as sites such as Udemy if you want a wider reach.

- Offer a Downloadable or Digital Resource

This is another type of resource that you can continue to sell and can be anything from tools and eBooks to templates and plugins. It all depends on what your expertise are and the sector you operate in. In some instances, you may require the assistance of a developer if you want to create a premium resource. If it’s useful enough, you can easily charge people for the download.

- Sell a Subscription

Lastly, there’s the option of creating high-quality content for paying subscribers. This would mean giving subscribers access to exclusive content and tools that can’t be found on your website or social media platforms. Another way to approach this is to start a podcast on a particular topic that people would be willing to subscribe to – think of it as a series of audio recordings or an audio class or book.

Creating and selling content of this nature will further position you as a leader in your industry, strengthening your personal brand for the foreseeable future.

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