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How to Level Up Your LinkedIn Profile in 2021

Updated: Jul 12

Even in 2021, LinkedIn is still one of the best platforms for personal brands. Unfortunately, there are also a lot more professionals to compete with than ever before.

Building your personal brand online can lead to amazing opportunities throughout the year, but how do you ensure your profile stands out?

I’ve put together a few tips that will help take your LinkedIn profile to the next level.

Think Twice Before Connecting

From Zoom meetings and connecting with new clients remotely, it’s refreshing to receive an authentic genuine message from another professional. The reality is LinkedIn is known for unwelcome messages and requests to connect. Before you start sending out requests to potential clients or professionals in your industry, consider how you can make the connection more sincere. Do you share any contacts, interests, or passions? If so, create a personalized message that touches on this as a way to spark a real conversation.

Create a Content Plan

People respond to stories, so create a content plan to inspire and engage with your audience regularly. Posting industry-related content is always valuable. However, with everyone being so isolated, stories are far more impactful and should be a prominent part of your 20xx content plan. Creating a content plan makes it much easier to be consistent with your communication, ensuring potential clients and employers keep you top of mind. To stand out, even more, make sure you post a variety of content formats, not just blogs. Images, stories, and videos are highly effective and engaging. If you’ve recently had a personal branding photoshoot, find ways to incorporate these images into your stories and content.

Become a Part of Your Community

Posting content of your own is just the start. To stand out on LinkedIn, get more involved with your online community. How often are you responding to comments and posts from your connections and the groups you follow? Your level of involvement in conversations on LinkedIn is another great way to boost your presence and profile. Just make sure the conversations you get involved in are relevant to your specialties and skills.

When used correctly, LinkedIn is an ideal platform for building more authority in your industry. By implementing these simple tactics, there’s no way your profile won’t gain more traction in 2021.

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