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How to Build a Stronger Personal Brand that Makes Money

It’s no secret that stronger personal brands have more earning potential. There are many elements that you can work on to improve your brand, but the strength lies in how well all these elements work together.

When you’re promoting your personal brand online, image is everything. So, what should you focus on to take your brand to the next level?

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It Starts with Your Reputation

It doesn’t matter how good your brand looks online, if your reputation is poor, you’re going to work much harder to generate new business. What do you focus on when recommending a company to people you know? It’s not their clever ad copy, but their excellent service and product quality. This doesn’t mean visuals aren’t important though, they simply fit into a bigger picture.

If you’re unsure whether your reputation is what it could be, here’s how to change that:

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Keep your promises. We all have busy schedules, but if you want to build a good reputation, you need to do what you say you’ll do. Be honest about your availability and communicate with clients to ensure they have realistic expectations.

Don’t be scared to be vulnerable. Your clients are more understanding than you realize – within reason, of course. When you’re honest, vulnerable, and forthright, you earn a client’s respect. It’s ok to have to miss a meeting or deadline, provided you communicate.

Never stop learning. When you’re always striving to provide your customers with the best results, you’re instantly more credible. Not only are you investing in yourself, but you’re showing clients that you’re a problem-solver. It also ensures you stay relevant in your industry.

Stay consistent. It’s always a disappointment when someone gives a great first impression, only for them to disappear or not deliver. People respond positively to consistency, so make it a priority. If you’re a good communicator at the start, keep communicating clearly. If you post content on social media every week, show clients that this is what they can always expect.

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When your personal brand’s image doesn’t align with what people are saying about you, you’ll be going nowhere quickly. Make this the month that you reevaluate your reputation.

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