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How Instagram’s Curated Feed Can Benefit Your Personal Brand

Updated: Jul 12

Instagram and personal brands go hand in hand and having a curated feed can take your presence to a new level.

A curated feed gives people a better idea of your brand values and personality based on the tone you set using images. It also ensures you attract your ideal customer and build stronger connections with your audience.

Creating a curated feed takes some extra effort, but it is well worth it if social media is one of your primary sources of leads and website traffic.

Here is what you need to know to make your Instagram feed work for your brand in 2021.

Tips for Creating a Curated Instagram Feed

Creating a curated feed looks more challenging than it really is. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Select a color palette. Selecting a specific color palette lays the foundation for your feed. Not only should it fit in with your personal brand, but it’s important to stick to it too. Once you have your palette, analyze any new photos against it before you post them. If you can’t make the photo fit using a filter, choose a different one.

Decide on a theme. Color is just one element. Your Instagram feed should also have a theme, one that tells your story, and one that is consistent. What is your brand all about? What kind of photos fit in with your brand? Do you want your feed to be bold and busy or clean and minimalistic? Deciding on a theme will also make it much easier to select the photos you want to use. Mood, aesthetics, and even lighting are all aspects to consider.

Quality is essential. If you want to make a good impression, only use high-quality photos. Over and above your professional headshots and personal branding images, any photos you take yourself should also meet a high standard.

Have a strategy in place. Any photo you post should be selected strategically – it has to fit in with your overall story. Planning out your story ahead of time will help you better plan your photos. Posting photos consistently and regularly is also important for keeping your personal brand top of mind.

Be original. People are bombarded with new content every day, so decide how you will ensure your images stand out. Spend time researching popular feeds. At the same time, outline what makes your brand unique. Marry these two aspects to come up with content that is all your own.

Instagram has a lot of potential to build your personal brand. However, it does require effort on a regular basis. Once you find a rhythm and create a unique strategy though, the entire process becomes a creative and exciting endeavor.

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