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Headshots vs Personal Branding Photos: What’s the Difference?

Updated: Jul 12

You know that you need a new set of professional photos but are personal branding photos or headshots the right choice for you?

These photos are definitely slightly different – here’s what you need to know.

Personal Branding Headshot Photographer in Los Angeles | Renee Farias Photographer

Headshots Explained

A headshot is a photo that focuses on someone from the waist up. These photos are also generally shot on a basic background, leaving the face as the main focus. Headshots are ideal for your LinkedIn profile or the About page on your website. It’s also what you would submit if you were speaking at an event.

Besides hair, makeup, and your outfit, headshots require very little preparation. You won’t need to find a location or select a theme because these photos are usually captured in a studio. The only things you can change during a headshot session are your expression or the angle of the shot.

Overall, if you only need a few professional photos of your face and your budget is smaller, headshots are a good choice.

Best Branding Photographer in Los Angeles | Renee Farias Photographer

Personal Branding Photos Explained

The first difference between headshots and personal branding photos is that personal branding images are designed to tell a story. They are far more detailed, and you’ll receive a greater variety of shots.

Planning a personal branding shoot requires more preparation. Along with the basics such as what to wear, you will also need to decide on a theme, location, and the types of photos you want. Where do you plan to use the images? What do you want these photos to say to potential customers, employers, and business partners? Do you have products or offices that you want to shoot too?

Advertising Photographer in Los Angeles | Renee Farias Photographer

These are all questions you need to ask when planning this type of session.

A personal branding shoot is also an opportunity to let your personality shine through. It gives people an idea of who they will be working with.

If you have a bigger budget, require creative photos for content, and you want to take your personal brand to the next level, this might be the right shoot for you.

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