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Branding and Fashion Blogging Tips

If you read my last blog, you may remember a few of the lifestyle guidelines I provided for product placement. I thought it would be helpful to expand on these guidelines and apply them to fashion blogging. Fashion blogs are extremely popular, and you can help a fashion brand gain customers and direct traffic to their site. If you are a start-up or aspiring blogger who needs guidance, read on!

First, there are a lot of fashion blogs out there. Thousands, in fact. In order to build a substantial audience, you need to bring a unique perspective to the table. Ask yourself, “How am I different from other fashion bloggers?” Like with a brand, you need to figure out who your audience is. Your type of audience will influence the content of your blog. You need to develop content that they will enjoy and find useful.

When you think of a fashion blog, you probably think of a blog that mainly focuses on looks and style. Although the appearance and images of a fashion blog are obviously important, the blog still needs to have a vibrant and likable personality. You need to be relatable in order to build a strong following. This, in part, comes from blogging about what you are passionate about. Be true to your voice and don’t try to be someone you are not.

You also need to make an effort to build your social media presence, which is significantly important and can either drastically hurt or help your blog. In this day and age, social media is so vital to a fashion blog’s success. Your complete online presence includes both your social media handles and your blog. This means that you must consistently update them with the best possible content. If you are a fashion blogger, you have to have an Instagram. There is no question about it. You need to make sure that your Instagram is up to par with your blog. This is done mainly in part by acquiring some quality branding and fashion photos. By having a popular Instagram, you can build your brand and gain the exposure you need to be a successful blogger.

Fashion is primarily photo based and excellent images are essential to a great fashion blog.

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While you may feel like an amateur if you are just starting out, it is important that you get professional fast! This means getting the right people on your team so that you can showcase the best photos, videos and graphics. For more advice from a Los Angeles Photographer in fashion and branding photography in Los Angeles, Contact me to set up a consultation and be on your way to creating a superb blog!

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