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A Simple Guide on How to Create a Personal Brand Photo List

Once you decide to invest in a personal branding shoot, it’s time to start planning. One of the requirements that your photographer will have is a shot list – the list of photos you want to walk away with.

If this is your first professional shoot, here are a few guidelines for how to create a worthwhile photo list.

Decide how and where you will use your photos.

Once you have your personal branding photos, where and how do you plan to use them? If you haven’t decided this yet, now is the time to do so.

What online platforms are you present on or want to be present on? Are there any offline marketing avenues you want to explore? Consider the types of photos you will require for each online promotion, brochure, or business card.

You can even start creating a content plan for the next 6 months and outline the types of shots you would require for this content, whether it’s a blog or a social media post.

Consider the number of shots you require.

Once you know what types of personal branding photos you’ll need, it will give you a better idea of how many photos you require. Consider the fact that you will be able to reuse certain images across multiple platforms.

Speak to your photographer about the packages they offer as some packages might include more photos than others.

Think about the extras.

Next, you want to think about the props and people you may want to include in your images. This too could impact how many photos you require. If you offer a product, it’s definitely a good idea to include it in a few of your photos. And if you offer a service, showcase the process you follow.

And of course, if you work in a team or with a partner, it’s never a bad idea to include them in some of the images too.

What do you want to wear and where?

The final guideline for creating a more comprehensive shot list for your personal branding session is to consider what you plan to wear and where you’re shooting. You might find that once you start planning your shoot that you decide to wear more than one outfit – you could even decide to shoot in more than one location.

Again, this too could impact your shot list as well as the number of photos you want to walk away with.

With these principles in mind, you are one step closer to creating a shot list your photographer can work with, ensuring you end up with a full set of personal branding photos you love.

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