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A Look at the Most Common Myths about Personal Branding

Updated: Jul 12

Building a personal brand is essential if you want to make a statement, especially online. If you nurture it, a personal brand will produce continuous returns.

If you are just getting started, you already know how much information is available about building and growing a personal brand.

Unfortunately, there is also a lot of contradictory information out there. This can lead to confusion and deter you from getting started at all.

To propel you forward, we decided to bust some of the most common myths about personal branding.

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Myth 1: Personal Branding Is Not as Important as People Make It Out to Be

Your personal brand is your online reputation. We are living in a world that keeps a permanent record of our reputations, so why wouldn’t you create a reputation worth remembering? Being a good, honest person, in person, is no longer enough. It is not what will get you noticed or hired online, which is why building a personal brand is so important. By not creating a personal brand, you let others make their own assumptions about you.

Myth 2: My Services and/or Products Do the Talking

Unfortunately, products and services are a dime a dozen. If you don’t tell people why they should choose you, they will end up choosing someone else, someone they feel they can trust. Having a personal brand makes you more authentic and gives people more reasons to do business with you. Connections are still important in a predominantly online world and a personal brand gives others the opportunity to connect with the person behind the business. Images are an essential part of building a personal brand and are just one of the ways that people connect with you.

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Myth 3: Personal Branding Photography Costs a Fortune

Personal branding photography is an investment, but it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. You don’t need three new outfits and to hire out a fancy location to get the best results. Remember, people connect with authenticity, so choose a setting and look that fits in with who you are.

Myth 4: You Need to Be an Influencer or Executive to Have a Personal Brand

You don’t need to want to be the center of attention to develop a personal brand. It is all about giving potential clients, business partners, and employers a better idea of who you are. Feel awkward in front of a camera? That’s perfectly fine. Your photographer will help you feel more comfortable and confident.

Creating a personal brand is a worthwhile and fulfilling experience and a process that will help you build a strong, trustworthy online profile.

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