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8 Ways to Look Your Best for Your 2023 Personal Branding Photos

Your personal branding photos are there to make a lasting first impression, so planning what you want to wear and how you want to look is something worth spending time on.

And if you’ve never been in front of a camera for personal branding reasons before, you may be wondering where to start – these tips are designed to help.

1. Make It Fit. There’s nothing quite as flattering as a tailored outfit, one that fits your shape and length perfectly. Loose clothing will only make you appear wider and an outfit that’s too tight will create stretched lines.

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2. Bring In Your Personality. A personal brand is, well, personal, so you want to consider what makes you unique when choosing an outfit. You want an outfit that is professional but also lets your personality shine through, so think about what that happy medium might be. But, above all else, wear what you love!

3. Color Instead of Patterns and Logos. Sometimes, being true to yourself means you want to wear bright colors and this is perfectly fine. However, it’s better to wear a bright blouse than one with very distracting patterns or pinstripes. It’s also best to not go with a lot of neon – you still want to be the main focus of your photos.

4. Consider Brand Colors. Another tip that will help you choose the right outfit is to consider your brand’s colors. Find a way to work those colors into your outfit, even if it’s just one item, to create a more cohesive brand aesthetic.