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6 Tips for Creating a Visual Personal Brand That Stands Out

You can always shape a personal brand using words, but it’s visuals that really make the biggest difference. It’s what helps you tell your story without having to say a word.

Whether you are just getting started with your personal brand or you want to take it to the next level in the coming year, here are some tips that will help.

1. Spend Time on a Mood Board

Before you start planning the specifics of your visuals, start with a mood board. This will provide you with a more accurate look and feel for your personal brand, making it easier to create a consistent online profile. You can also share your mood board with your photographer.

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2. Schedule a Custom Photoshoot

Stock photos are only going to get you so far. It’s only a matter of time before someone notices you’re using the same images as other people. A personal brand, is, well, personal, so your photos should be too. A custom personal branding photo session is an investment, one that will serve you well for years if you select the right photographer and take the right photos.

3. Mix It Up

To get the most out of your personal branding session, create a shot list. To do this, consider where you want to use your images and what type of content you want to create. This way, you can get a good mix of headshots as well as candid shots that incorporate elements such as your office, hobbies, products, or even your team. The point is to also show people who you are as a person, not just what you do for a living.

4. Think Before You Edit

When you invest in professional personal branding photos, your photographer is going to dedicate some time to editing. Once you receive your photos and are ready to post them, think twice about editing the images even further. Not only is this an inaccurate representation of your photographer’s work, but too much editing can make your photos look disingenuous.

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