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5 Tips for Creating a Killer Pinterest Strategy for Your Personal Brand

When most people think about promoting their personal brands on social media, Pinterest isn’t always a platform that springs to mind. However, when you have high-quality, creative visuals to share, it’s an excellent promotional tool.

As an added bonus, Pinterest is a great tool if you want to take advantage of search engine optimization. This is because Pinterest categorizes your content, so when someone types in specific keywords, you have a good chance of showing up in front of the right audience.

So, if you have recently scheduled a professional personal branding shoot or have good images on hand, here’s how you can use Pinterest to your advantage.

1. Create a Business Account

A business account is a good idea for your personal brand because it will provide you with analytics. This way, you can see what’s working well and the type of content you should create more of. What’s more, you can use these analytics to understand what might perform well on other visual platforms such as Instagram too.

2. Optimize Your Content

Be mindful of the board names and post titles and descriptions you use on Pinterest. By using the right keywords, you increase the chances of the right clients finding your account. Start by selecting 3 – 5 categories that fit in with your brand and will appeal to your audience. You can always build on them from there.

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3. Be Consistent

If you want to get your Pinterest account noticed, you need to be consistent. Creating a content calendar can really help with this. Not only does a calendar make it easier to post on a regular basis, but it helps you spread your content across your core categories. The good news is that you can also cross-pollinate content by sharing anything you post on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

4. Don’t Just Re-Pin

Pinterest values fresh content so as much as it’s good to re-pin interesting content, it’s just as important to create unique, fresh pins. This is where you would use any images that you have from professional shoots.

5. Re-Pin Top Performing Content

Once you have access to analytics, you have the option to re-pin any top-performing content. Pay particular attention to posts that have a high number of impressions, but low clicks. Find ways to optimize these posts so that you can re-pin them and attract more clicks.