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4 Ways to Become a Known Authority in Your Industry

Updated: Jul 12

There’s no denying that it’s tough to stand out online among the many marketing messages, ads, emails, and social media posts. However, taking steps to become an authority in your chosen industry is essential if you don’t want to blend into the background noise.

As an authority in your sector, you can attract better clients, raise your rates, and gain access to better opportunities more often. But where do you begin?

The good news is there is always something you can do better – here are a few ideas and tactics to inspire you:

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1. Invest in Your Online Presence

When last did you review your online presence? This includes your website and any platforms you have a profile on? Is the messaging consistent? Are the images up to date and still relevant? Taking the time to improve your online presence is a simple but powerful way to strengthen your personal brand.

Decide whether your message is still relevant to the kind of audience you want to attract. Are there new products, skills, or expertise you can add to your offering? Do your images still reflect your personal brand? If not, it’s time to get to work on updating these elements. Investing in a professional personal branding photography session is highly recommended.

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2. Get More Media Attention

Anyone can say they’re the best at what they do, but when you have a third party vouching for your products or services, it’s far more powerful. Getting more media attention is not about purchasing advertising, it’s about giving people reasons to talk about you. Find ways to create content in different formats that will emphasize your knowledge and expertise and gives the media something valuable to publish and share.

3. Consider Publishing a Book

This can be a big ask if you have never done something like this before. However, when done correctly, publishing a book can do wonders for your image. It doesn’t need to be a printed book either – eBooks are just as popular, more convenient, and easier to promote and send. If you do take this route though, give some serious thought to a topic that will sell and help you stand out as an authority in your sector. Make sure it hasn’t been done before and if it has, do it better!

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4. Be in It for the Long Term

Understand that building an impactful personal brand takes time and patience. Getting on board with trends that will quickly fade is not the best way to build long-term success. Rather focus your efforts on areas that will bring you evergreen traction, such as content that people can reference for years to come. Speak at events, create a video series, consistently engage with your audience on social media – these are the kinds of activities that can help you stand out over the long term.

By taking these suggestions into consideration and applying them to your personal brand, you will soon see how you can make a difference in your sector and be noticed for it.

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