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4 Questions You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Ask Your Personal Branding Photographer

Updated: Aug 10

It is widely believed that professional images play a big role in branding and marketing; good photos can enhance a product’s appeal and increase its sales. This concept isn’t just limited to products, though, as it can also be applied to you and your personal branding.

A new photography trend is taking off, and it puts people’s personalities at the forefront. Personal branding photography is all about capturing your story. These pictures should be able to convey your values and what you’re trying to sell or say. They’re often used for personal websites or portfolios, so potential clients and audiences can have a feel of who you are. Considering that the craze is relatively fresh, it’s understandable if you have a few queries in mind. Not to worry, your chosen photographer is there to help. After all, a good photo shoot is only possible as a result of a smooth collaboration.

If you’re about to hold a personal branding photoshoot, here are some questions that you can ask your photographer to ensure that everything goes well.

Where should the photoshoot be held?

One of the most important parts of a personal branding photoshoot is the setup. The ambiance of your pictures will be influenced by how your background looks, so it’s essential to ask your photographer where the shoot will take place. Some photographers will have their own preferred shooting location, whereas others will leave it up to you to find and arrange a professional studio for the day. In some cases, personal areas like your office or a favorite coffee shop may be recommended by photographers if it fits the personality and the story that you’re trying to convey. Everything in the frame should be in line with your brand, so make sure that it is well-curated. Ultimately, the photo shoot location should suit you and the image that you want to come across.

What kind of cameras do you use?

A lot of non-photographers tend to overlook this, but the type of camera used can significantly impact your personal branding photos. It’s best to ask your photographer early on to see which ones would work best for your intended concept. For example, drones, such as the DJI Air 2S, can capture aerial shots well. They work best if you want plenty of motion and if you’re shooting with a landscape. On the other hand, great mirrorless cameras excel at still photography. Cameras like the Nikon Z8 are the top choice for professional-quality digital images due to their extensive color depth. It also offers precise control over

hues and brightness, optimizing quality for skin tones in portraits. Details such as eyes and hair also look sharp, which helps in conveying personality. As such, finding what cameras your photographers work with will give you an idea of the quality that your personal branding images will be.

What’s included in your photography package?

Professional photoshoots can be a costly endeavor, but their importance in personal branding makes them worth it. However, it’s still important to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. Before hiring a photographer, it’s best to ask them what services are included in their photography package, as this varies and can significantly affect the price. These will usually include details on the number of edited images that they’ll render, any prints that they may provide, and possible props that you can use.

What does your branding process entail?

Although photoshoot sessions typically only last a day or two, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to get and use your personal branding images as soon as you’re done taking pictures. In reality, it can take a few weeks up to months for you to receive the final images. This is because photographers usually take some time for post-processing. This mainly entails enhancing your photos with editing software like the preferred innovative program Adobe Photoshop or the versatile software Luminar to get the tiniest details right, such as lighting. Asking this will let you know how long you can expect your photos and see if it

matches the timeline you have for your personal branding needs.

A personal branding photoshoot is a creative way to get your message across. Don't be afraid to ask the questions listed above to guarantee that all your personal branding needs are met.

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