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4 Ideal Locations for Your Upcoming Personal Branding Shoot

You’ve finally booked your personal branding shoot! The next step is to decide on a location, which can often be a big stressor for anyone who hasn’t scheduled a professional photoshoot before.

Fortunately, finding the ideal location for your personal branding photos is much easier than you might think – here are the locations to consider first.

1. Head to Your Local Café

With so many people working remotely, it’s not uncommon for people to head to a local café to get some work done. This can also be a great location for your personal branding photos. Bring along your laptop or notebook, order your favorite cup of coffee, and let your photographer do the rest. One thing to keep in mind though is the time of day. You don’t want the café to be overly busy or you could end up with a lot of background distractions.

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2. Stay Home

You don’t even need to go anywhere for your personal branding shoot if you don’t want to. Many professionals choose to have their photos taken right at home. Pick a room with lots of natural light for the best results and be sure to clear away any unnecessary clutter for cleaner images.

3. Find a Shared Workspace

If you’re looking for something a little more professional, you can always head to a local shared