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3 Types of Outfits That Work Really Well for Personal Branding Shoots

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Now that you’ve finally scheduled your personal branding photo session, it’s time to decide on the finer details – your outfit being one of the most important.

Along with considering aspects such as your brand aesthetic, target audience, and where you plan to use your images, you also need to decide on the actual outfit.

Overall, your outfit should fit you well and make you feel both comfortable and confident.

Here are 3 types of outfits to consider for your photo session.

1. The Everyday

What do you usually wear to work on a daily basis? The outfits that celebrate your personal style. This is one type of outfit that works really well for a personal branding shoot because it’s authentic – it’s you! The everyday outfit is not the pajamas you work in at home but not business casual either. It’s that perfect middle ground.

2. The Comfortable Casual

Is your brand more casual than business as usual? Planning to shoot at home where you’re most comfortable? A well- thought-out, casual outfit that’s also comfortable will sell your brand well. This type of outfit is ideal if you want to humanize your brand as much as possible.

3. The Formal Affair

The final outfit type to consider for your personal branding session is one that’s a little dressier than what you would usually wear. Think of this as something you would wear to an interview or on stage during a motivational talk. If you choose to go more formal, just know that you can still add fun touches that speak to your personality such as a necklace or eye-catching shoes.

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Still not sure about your exact outfit – turn to sites such as Pinterest or your photographer’s portfolio for more inspiration.

Learn more about fashion styling, choosing a location and usage of you personal branded photography by downloading my free resource, "Personal Branding" guide. Click on the photo above to download.

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