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3 Tips for Positioning Yourself as an industry Expert When You’re Not Well Known

Starting a business isn’t easy, particularly when you’re in a competitive industry, but positioning yourself as an expert is one way to stand out.

Credentials and certifications will only get you so far – it’s speaking out about your opinions and experience that will really get your personal brand noticed.

Here’s how to build up a strong reputation when you don’t have an audience yet.

1. Show Them You Understand Their Pain Points

While your audience does want to get to know you through your personal brand, what they really want to know first is how you can help them. By highlighting your understanding of the pain points your audience is experiencing and then providing them with solid solutions, you instantly win their trust. Using statistics and research to further emphasize your understanding of the world around you also helps. Don’t forget to clearly and consistently promote your expertise across platforms you know your audience frequents to get as much reach as possible.

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2. Make It Urgent

When you promote your personal brand, find ways to give your audience a bit of FOMO. You don’t need to tell white lies to do this either. Offering freebies for a limited amount of time is one way to make access to your services more appealing. Clients love knowing they’re getting access to something exclusive that others aren’t.