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10 Questions You May Not Have Thought to Ask Your Personal Branding Photographer

Making the decision to work with a personal branding photographer is always worthwhile – it’s going to help your brand stand out in a way you never thought possible.

And while you might already have all the usual prep down, there are a few additional questions you may want to ask your photographer before you sign on the dotted line.

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1. Please can you outline exactly what’s included in your package? Believe it or not, some photographers don’t include all the details when they display their packages online. To avoid any unnecessary and surprising costs, rather find out exactly what is (and isn’t) included.

2. Do you have any specials? You never know when a photographer might be running a special, so rather ask.

3. What is your process like? Before you hire a personal branding photographer, make sure you find out more about their processes as not everyone works in the same way. You want your photographer to be a good match for you.

4. Is there a backup plan? While your photographer is going to do everything possible to ensure your shoot runs smoothly, things can go wrong, so find out whether there’s a backup plan. This can include anything from your location and your photographer’s equipment to your actual photographer – do they have someone else who can assist if they can’t make it?

5. Can you refer me to other professionals? If you need a hair and makeup artist, a stylist, or any other professional for your shoot, ask your photographer for a referral. You may even be able to get a discount, plus you know your photographer has worked with them before, so they must be good.

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6. Have you worked with…?If you plan to use an unusual prop or your profession is rather unique, rather ask your photographer whether they’ve worked on something similar before and if they are comfortable. You want to know that you’re working with a photographer who can produce the best results based on what you’re envisioning and what you want to work with.

7. Will a planning session be necessary? If your personal branding shoot is quite straightforward, you may not need a planning session. However, if you have something specific in mind, you may want to schedule one with your photographer. If anything, your photographer should at least send you a questionnaire or ask you some basic questions over the phone.

8. Can you assist me with my concept? When you have a vision but you’re not quite sure how to execute it, this is where your photographer needs to step in. Make sure that you work with someone who understands your vision, can provide you with ideas, and knows how to execute them.

9. Is there any legal paperwork that I need to know about? Before you agree to anything, always read through any paperwork you’ll be required to sign. And if there is anything you don’t understand, ask about it before you sign.

10. Do I require a permit? If you have a specific location in mind, check with your photographer whether a permit will be required ahead of time and if they can arrange one.

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With these questions and all the usual, more obvious questions in mind, there’s very little chance that you can choose the wrong personal branding photographer.

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