Actor Headshots in Los Angeles

What Are Casting Directors Looking for In Your Los Angeles Headshots?

This is a great question, so I did a deep internet search and found answers on Backstage and other actor platforms.


A good headshot gives an accurate sense of who you are as an actor and the characters, you might play.


The real job of your headshot is to capture and convey elements of your personality and your brand. Again, your headshot is selling you. You are one-of-a-kind. Your headshot should show that.


You will be identifiable by your headshot, so naturally, you want to look great, right? In fact, maybe it’s time to get a makeover! But hold up just one second. You don’t want to look too good in your headshot

Headshots in Los Angeles
Headshots in Los Angeles

Wait, what? But I thought you just said my headshot should be the best representation of me! It should, and that’s exactly why you want to look like one person, and one person only: yourself. Your headshot has an undeniable physical component: you want to show off your silky hair, your almond-shaped eyes, your high cheekbones, etc. But your Los Angeles Headshots is about much more than superficial appearance.


A helpful exercise to do before getting headshots is to make a list of some of your best qualities as an actor: traits you would want to represent as part of your brand. Now ask your friends and colleagues to do the same.


Your headshot should look like you when you walk into a room, so it should represent how you look on a good average day, not necessarily your best day. Unless you’re planning on getting your hair and makeup done professionally for every single audition you go on (unlikely), you should do your makeup as you would on any given day. Natural makeup is best; you want to look like you’re not wearing makeup. Save the glamour shots for your website or your modeling profile.

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