Fitness Advertising Photography / by Renee Farias

Advertising photography not only sells a product, it sells a feeling. Fitness advertising photography is no different. In addition to marketing the fitness product or clothing, fitness advertising photography markets the feelings of determination, drive and motivation, all of which are conveyed through the fit body of the model. Photography’s goal is to capture these feelings as well as portray the product very well. This blog will explore the characteristics of a great fitness advertising photo! Fitness brands, take note of the following guidelines so that you can go to your photographer with a clear idea of what you want!

It is important to remember that the model’s body should be highlighted and stand out to the viewer. The model’s fit body symbolizes what the product can do for the consumer. The body can be accented in the following ways:

·         Keep the background simple. It should not overshadow the model or the product.

·         Be mindful of the model’s angles and positions. The angle of the model should highlight certain aspects of their physique, and in addition should show off the use of the product.

·         For more intense active photos, use a squirt bottle to make it appear as though the model is working up a sweat after an intense training session. With this “sweat,” strategic lighting and angles, the photographer will be able to accent certain muscles and body parts, making the overall photo more marketable. 

After you obtain your ideal images, the next step is for the photographer to edit and fine-tune these photos. Just make sure that the final product is not overdone. The purpose of retouching is to simply remove any skin and hair imperfections, while still keeping the raw power of the photograph.

In fitness advertising photography, you almost always want to make the consumer feel motivated, powerful, strong and capable. By making them feel this sense of empowerment, they will be drawn to your product. The ideal image suggests that by purchasing the product, the consumer can achieve the motivation and strength that the model feels. This, in turn, will increase your brand recognition and product sales! If you have any questions or would like to schedule a no-obligation consultation, please contact me!