Auto Advertising Photography / by Renee Farias

Automobile companies! It is time to start preparing your 2017 advertising materials. Auto Advertising Photography can make or break your campaign. In this blog, I will discuss what goes into getting that perfect auto shot, so that you can be aware of the process before booking a professional photographer. It is essential that you put some thought into the following areas in order to get the best possible portfolio. 


First, determine your desired location for the shoot. Would you prefer a natural background or more of a studio feel? Make sure that it is within your budget. There are so many options, so have fun with this decision! Just remember that the background should not be too distracting; your car needs to be the primary focus! The background should rather enhance and compliment the appearance of the vehicle.


Next, take time to figure out the lighting. With lighting, you can highlight certain aspects of the vehicle and really define the style and mood of the car. Natural light is best, especially if you shoot during the “magic hours” which are the hours just before and during sunrise and the hours during sunset. This way, you will achieve beautiful warmth and sunlight without having the light be too harsh. However, if you are shooting indoors, artificial lighting works just fine.   


Don’t be afraid to explore different angles and vantage points. A common angle is to shoot from just above the ground, which makes the vehicle look larger than life and adds a powerful essence to the photo. Always test out various positions to figure out what works best with your car.

 Exterior Details

Once you are happy with the full shots of the car, it is time to focus on any exterior detail shots that can enrich your portfolio.  Start thinking about the unique design features of your car so that you can let the photographer know what to look out for.  

Interior Details

It is also important to remember the interesting interior features of the car. Some great interior shots include capturing the logo as well as any unique and valuable design elements. Just make sure the lighting is sufficient when shooting these interior shots. 

This may be a lot to remember, but it is good to get an idea of what a qualified photographer will be looking out for during the shoot. If you have any questions, please contact me for a no-obligation consultation. With thorough research and attention to the above details, you will get an effective advertorial portfolio that is sure to make your 2017 car model a success!