Advertising Photography Guide / by Renee Farias

Hello all! In a previous blog, I discussed the importance of product placement in lifestyle photography. I thought it would be helpful to flesh out this idea and talk more generally about advertising photography. Advertising photography requires a thorough understanding of what the brand should exude, accurate target marketing and meticulous planning and execution. In this blog, I will explain each of these requirements in more depth so that your company can be on its way to selling its product!


The first step before booking your photographer and scheduling that advertorial shoot is to figure out the essence of your brand. This website offers some key guidelines to determine your “brand personality.” Brand personality “is a set of emotional and associative characteristics connected to a company or brand name. These things shape how people feel about and interact with a company. Often a brand’s personality mirrors that of the target customer base.”

Here are some recommended questions and tips that will help you figure out the personality of your company:

·         How would you describe your product or company to someone?

·         Determine your company voice and make sure it is consistent.

·         As stated in Code My Views, “almost every brand can be described as one of these five personalities: sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication and ruggedness.” Which one is your company?

Target Marketing

After determining your brand personality, it will be easier to determine what the target market will be. A target market is a group of consumers who will most likely purchase the product.

When determining your target audience, get an idea of the stereotypical characteristics of a target consumer. This will include factors like age, gender, job description, hobbies, etc. From there, consider how this product will enhance the target audience’s life.  How will it help with their professional and/ or personal goals? 

Planning and Execution

Finally, check these tasks off your list to ensure a successful shoot:

·         Create a clear message that you want to send to your consumers. This will help determine the staging of the shoot. The message should communicate what you are selling and why it is important for people to purchase it.

·         Before meeting with a photographer, start brainstorming ideas of what you would like to include in the photograph. That way, you can give the photographer an idea of what you want. 

·         Schedule a consultation with a professional photographer. During this session, you will coordinate a budget, seek their advice and present your own ideas.

·         After the photo shoot takes place and the photographer has spent time proofing and editing the image, make sure you double check that the end product meets your expectations.

Hopefully these guidelines prove to be helpful! If you have any questions or would like to schedule a no-obligation consultation, please contact me.  Advertising photography is key to a successful campaign. By following these guidelines and doing the proper planning, you will be on your way to selling your product!